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Personalized Leather Mini Satchel

There are times when carrying a heavy bag around with you all day can be annoying. To remedy this we have created a leather messenger bag. Its vintage-inspired design looks great with modern fashions and it still keeps all the timeless character of the original leather mini satchel of old.

Salient features

  • In this leather bag, you can fit a bottle of water, a book, an iPad (we have double-stitched a tough, canvas tablet sleeve inside), as well as all the other usual essentials you need with you. It’s the perfect size for a bag that can house your daily essentials, without being big and heavy
  • For extra security, there are 1 zip pockets inside and the traditional double front buckle.
  • The leather shoulder strap is long and adjustable and the front pocket is just the right size for travel cards. So it is perfect to have alongside you on any journey wherever you decide to take it.



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