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About Us


Leatherlly started with a discovery. We found out that due to decades of decline in the Indian leather industry, many thousands of goatskins leftover from the food industry were being thrown away each year. In a world waking up to the need for more renewable materials, we set out to find a solution.

So in 2016, building on centuries of local leather knowledge we transformed a waste into leather product. We're not simply delivering handbags, we are now delivering the handbag that's completely meant for your own personal journey. Simple. Efficient. Perfect. Unique. Leather looks beautiful and lasts forever, but can experience wear and tear over time

Our collection of handmade leather goods is entirely made in India to celebrate this exceptional material.

Leather As It Should Be(Eco-Friendly)

Leather is a beautiful natural product, but these days it is often just seen as a commodity. Instead of being tanned locally most hides circle the globe to be tanned as cheaply as possible, trading price for often shocking environmental and ethical practices.

Also, being a responsible citizen of our country, all the leather goods and accessories manufactured at Leatherlly are environment-friendly and devoid of harmful chemicals.

Leather can be considered “eco” is if it’s a byproduct from the meat/hunting industry. The idea here is that nothing is going to waste. So if you are making leather from the same animal that are being made into burger, you are just being efficient(you ain’t killing animals for leather use). Use every part of the animal and make sure it all goes to good use. It can be just as high quality as any other leather, while also being good for the environment, animals, and business processes.

Also, In a similar vein, we use the leather that has been used before can be used again. For example, if you have a leather sofa or leather used in big articles that has a broken frame, the leather could be stripped off and turned into a wallet, bag or something.

Moreover, we also use leather that is tanned with environment friendly chemicals. We don’t use harsh chemicals as it pollutes the environment.

It is obvious to see that the leather industry typically profits off of animal harming habits, killing animals strictly for their skin and poaching these animals. At Leatherlly, Leather are made from byproduct of the meat industry, with no killing involved of any animals. Our mission goes beyond this practice, as for every purchase we plant 5 trees, as part of an initiative to help save our planet.

Purposeful Design


Goat leather has an especially pronounced grain that varies from piece to piece. So rather than cover up natural markings and variations we celebrate them, ensuring each of our products is unique. Our design philosophy is to let our goat leather speak for itself.

The possibilities for goat leather are endless, but we are taking it slowly. With each product we learn more about how our leather behaves, how it ages and how best to use it.

Proudly Indian Made

We recently have become a retailer 2 years ago, drop shipping our products quickly and effectively straight to thousands of customers. However, we have been making high quality luxury bags for wholesale, having orders online for over 7 years.

From Waste Into Worth

Leatherlly use unique “Sun tanned” distressed leather while making some of our leather products, This leather's natural character will really come to life as soon as it is used. The colour will continue to darken slightly until it reaches the perfect deep tan.

Every product has its own unique character that develops as it ages. Small marks & blemishes are part of the leather's charm.

Once you start using the bag, the leather will start to soften and your bag will become more and more enviable! The sun tanned leather colour darkens and deepens as the bag is used to create a unique look.